Incredibly Exciting Summer Plans

As a sophomore (aka. rising Junior) this summer is my last summer where I will be able to do whatever I want without having to feel guilty about contributing the time towards my career (internships, extra classes, research projects etc.) I do have internships lined up and I’m still waiting on one application for a joint research program with one of the professors here, but the other day during my long runs, I realized that I should take this time to finally realize my dreams of doing a temple stay.

The initial dream was to simply take a break from this busy world and just read for a summer, but recently I’ve been getting more interested in religion, or my lack of one. This idea, needless to say, received a lot of support (financial backing as well, a bonus) as well, so I feel confident that the logistics side will go smoothly with this plan.

My only real concern in selecting the books and articles, and how much I should limit myself in using technology (e.g. laptop, cell phone etc…) I would obvious want to bring my laptop to write, since it’s faster, but I would probably leave the music at home.

I’m making a google doc where I will be making a list (checking it twice) of the things I want to read. It’s quite diverse in subject as well as region: it includes history, philosophy, literature, criticism, religious texts etc. from all over the world. I will be reading the Koran as well as other Arabic (translated) texts.


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