What is an intellectual?

I’ve been looking for a definition of “intellectualism” and came across it in one of the books from my history classes…

Revolt of the Masses–Ortega y Gasset describes the “Excellent man” in the passage below. I rather think it suits what I have in mind for an “intellectual.”

That man is intellectually of the mass who, in face of any problem, is satisfied with thinking the first thing he finds in his head. On the contrary, the excellent man is he who contemns what he finds in his mind without previous effort, and only accepts as further effort in order to be reached.

I’m now *officially* a runner after completing a successful first 5K yesterday. I placed first in my age group for female! My body is quite sore, but my mind is ready to consume the books from my list (but not limited to.)

I was going through my twitter feed and found out with some more clicking that Alain de Bottom will be coming to Boston in 3 days! (March 14) It saddens me that I won’t be in Boston to see him in person… He often made it to my “If you were to have dinner with 3 famous people” list. Next time.

Off to Starbucks I go…


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