Leaving Home for Home

Now that I’m approaching the second half of my summer, I should mention that I am no longer “unoccupied.” Through some research and word of mouth from the East, I have landed the internship that I’ve always longed for, in Korea where my dad resides. I am not perfectly clear on what I will be doing quite yet, but that should be getting back to me soon. When the international HR guy saw my resume, and he especially interested that I could speak French, so he recruited me on the basis of that. So, I am vaguely excited of what I will be doing, but more than excited to be in downtown Seoul for the job.

I’m also excited because I haven’t seen my dad in six months, and we will be happily united! I will also be seeing my best friend and hopefully some of the more encouraging family members who live there.

I’ve been doing some shopping to get ready to work in the office, so I picked some stuff out from Jcrew, Banana Republic and Zara with the mom. I am quite disappointed to say that there isn’t much to shop around where I live. Mom says it’s due to the recession. Ha. Go figure.

I only have a few more days here. I leave as soon as my summer term exams are over, most of which are for the exception of my comp sci exam. I’m not much of a computer geek, regrettably, as it is quite apparent from the unglitzy-ness of my website, but I was hoping to improve that through this intro to comp sci class. I don’t think it happened. But I’m quite proud to say that I find circuits and Boolian logic fascinating.

I will miss my dear mom a lot, though. Like most college students I started to see how understated her role is in one’s life. Maybe I’m starting to distinguish unconditional love and the rest of the other stuff. Yes, I’m quite the sentimental child, still.
I have a ton of accounting preview to do before school starts, which I shall resume on the plane.

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